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Kawasaki C-2 Transport Aircraft Update set (Aoshima 1/144)

F-14A Tomcat Part.2 - VF-1 "Wolfpack" 1970 Era-Academy 1/72

F-14A Tomcat Early Beaver Tail set - Block 60 (Academy 1/72)

German WW I machine gun Spandau LMG 08/15 (2 pcs) - complete

PZL P11c - details set - wz. 33 machine gun barrels, gunsig

A-6 Intruder - Pitot Tube, Angle Of Attack and Refueling pr

Harrier GR.1 / T.2 / AV-8A / AV-8C - Pitot Tube

Mk-82 / BLU-111/B 500lb Bomb with BSU-33/B Fin

Mk-83 Thermally Protected 1000lb bomb with Conical Fin

AH-1Z Canopy Mask for Kittyhawk

HH-53C/CH-53G mask for Revell

F-16C Block 30/32/40/42 Fuselage Plates

AN/AAQ-38 & AN/ASQ-173 windows and lens

Bf.110 (E/F/G) wheels set

V-22 Osprey Type 1 wheels set

F-14D closed & open exhaust nozzles for AMK

F-14A Tomcat open exhaust nozzles for GWH Kit

Airbrush CAMO-MASK for for 1/72 F/A-18 Camouflage Scheme 2

Airbrush CAMO-MASK for for 1/72 F/A-18 Camouflage Scheme 3

USN CVN Deck Crew and Vehicles

F-104 Starfighter J79 Engine Nozzle set - Late Ver.

1/48 USN F/A-18F Super Hornet VFA-103 "Jolly Rogers"

1/48 USN F-14A Tomcat VF-211 "Checkmates"

1/32 Photo-etched Cockpit Details

Lockheed F-104J/DJ Eiko

Su-34 wheels set

AG-330 Start Cart



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