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1/35 JGSDF 74 type G

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Listing Date May 2018
Item No TAS 35045
Scale 1/35
Price USD 46.99
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Euro 40.81
British Pound 36.06
JP YEN 5,224.46
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Est. Shipping cost USD $11.49
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Euro 9.98
British Pound 8.82
JP YEN 1,277.31
Total Est. Cost USD $58.48
Other Currencies (reference only) 
Euro 50.79
British Pound 44.87
JP YEN 6,501.77

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Product Description

The JGSDF Type 74 entered service as a new generation MTB in 1975. The development

was started in 1964 when the first Japanese independently developed tank after WWII Type

61 was just deployed. At that time, most of the MTBs in the world had already been equipped

with 100mm or 105mm main gun, which made Type 61 with 90mm outdated, therefore the

105mm main gun was an indispensable in the design of Type 74. Additionally, State-of-theart

technology of Japan was fully introduced, represented by the hydropneumatic suspension

system which was suitable for the various features of the terrains in Japan. The prototype was

completed in 1969, and through the various test rigs, it was formally accepted in service in


The tank received various updates in service. Rounds for the main gun were upgraded from

HEP to Type 91 APFSDS-T. The Type 74 was considered outdated even before it entered

service. The Type 90 was to have replaced it outright, but with the end of the Cold War these

plans were scaled back. In 1993 four Type 74s were improved to the new Type 74 Kai and

Mod G, adding a passive infrared camera and side skirts. The upgrade proved to be very

effective but at the same time extremely expensive, and the program was abandoned.
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