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WWII German Sd.Kfz.10/5 2cm Flak38 (Armoured Cab Version)

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Manufacturer Griffon Model
Item No GRM-BPL35018
Scale 1/35
Price USD 43.99
Other Currencies (reference only) 
Euro 38.72
British Pound 34.81
JP YEN 4,700.30
CAD 58.62
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Est. Shipping cost USD $2.11 Free Shipping
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Euro 1.86
British Pound 1.67
JP YEN 225.45
CAD 2.81
Total Est. Cost USD $46.10
Other Currencies (reference only) 
Euro 40.57
British Pound 36.48
JP YEN 4,925.75
CAD 61.44

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Product Description

1/35 WWII German Sd.Kfz.10/5 2cm Flak38 (Armoured Cab Version) Premium Edition

This 1/35 full detail jumbo package includes
(1)Photoetched Fret * 23
(2)Brass Knob for Gear Shift Lever * 2
(3)Resin Part (Shovel, Wire Cutter, Pick, Hatchet) * 4
(4)Resin Stamped Hand Wheel * 2
(5)Resin Stamped Gearbox Housing * 1
(6)Film for View Ports * 1
(7)Brass Hollow Pipe * 1
(8)Auxiliary Material: ABS Rod, Brass Wire
Suit for Dragon 6677 Kit

Detail Summary
Sd.Kfz.10/5 (Armoured Cab Version) Vehicle Body Section
(1)Reworked True-to-Scale Thickness Front Armour Plates for Radiator
- Detailed Full Set of Mounting Bars & Brackets
- Reworked Front Armour Plate Set Mounting Assembly Attach to
the Vehicle Front Towing Hooks
(2)Reworked True-to-Scale Thickness Armour Cab for Driver's
- Reworked Supporting Bars of the Front Armour Plate
- Reworked Bullet-proof Sliding Viewers with Rich Details
(Optional Slide-up / Down Position Selectable)
(3)DEMAG / MIAG / Adlerwerke / Phanomen Name Plate
(4)Add Strengthen Rib & Support Bar to the Inner Surface of the Front
Wheel Fenders
(5)Reworked Kar98 Rifle Rack with Full Detail
(6)Reworked Starboard Tool Locker with 3 Tool Container Inside
(7)Full Set of Detailed Clamps/Mounting Brackets for
(Optional Empty Status of Clamps/Mountingt Brackets)
(8)Add Resin On-Vehicle Tools(Shovel/Wire Cutter/Pick/Hatchet)
(9)Reworked Mountings for Locking Latches of the Engine
Compartment Hood
(10)Add Padlocks to the Engine Compartment Hood
(11)Reworked Driver's Compartment Floor with Tread Plate & Pedals
(12)Reworked Clutch Housing End with Detailed Hand Brake
(13)Reworked Gear Shift Assembly with Brass Knob for Gear Shift
(14)Add Rich Details on the Gearbox Including Wiring
(15)Add Cover to the Cardan Drive Shaft Assembly
(16)Add Fuel Pipeline with Valve to the Fuel tank
(17)Reworked Perforated Heat Shield for Transmission Shift
(18)2 Types of Reworked Turn Indicator
(19)Reworked Fighting Compartment Platform Floor Surface
-Reworked Floor Surface with Dense Non-Skid Tread Plate Pattern
-Add Notch for Reinforcement Brace of Folding Rear
Platform(Missing in Plastic Kit)
-Add Gearbox Access Door with Pulling Rings(Missing in Plastic Kit)
-Reworked Storage Compartment for the Gun Crews' Cushion
with Detailed Doors & Door Hinges
(20)Reworked 2cm Ammo Magazine Locker * 10 with Detailed
Mounting Strips & Brackets
(21)Detailed Locking Latches on Folding Rear Platform
(Optional Lock / Unlock Status)
(22)Add Retain Strips to the Gun Crew Backrest
(23)Reworked Rear Mudguard / License Plate with Reflector Lamps
(24)Early Type Notek Multifunction Rear Convoy Light Added
Vehicle Mount 2cm Fak38 Section
(1)Reworked True-to-Scale Thickness Main Shield
(2)Reworked True-to-Scale Thickness Early / Late Upper Gunner's
- Early Type Upper Gunner's Shield for Early Production Flak38
with Flakvisier 38 Sight Installed
(Optional Against Air Target Status / Against Ground Target Status
(Optional Extended in Fight Status / Folded in Transport Status
- Late Type Upper Gunner's Shield for Late Production Flak38 with
Flakvisier 38a Sight / Schwebekreisivisier38 Sight Installed
(Optional Extended in Fight Status / Folded in Transport Status
(3)2 Types of Sight Switchbox Panel
- Early Type Switchbox for Early Production Flak38 with
Flakvisier 38 Sight Installed
- Late Type Switchbox for Late Production Flak38 with
Flakvisier 38a Sight Installed
(4)Detailed Flakvisier 38 / Flakvisier 38a Sight
(5)Resin Stamped Hand Wheels & Resin Stamped Gearbox Housing
for Late Production Flak38
(6)Reworked Early / Late Type Gunner's Seat Both Include (with
Retain Chain)
(7)Reworked Gun Cradle with Many Detail Added
(8)Optional Dust Cover for Ammunition Magazine Receiver
(9)Elevation / Depression Setting Hand Screws Added to the Right
Ring of Gun Mounting
(10)Reworked Firing Pedal Mechanism with Gunner's Foot Rest
(11)Reworked Ready Ammo Magazine Tray
(12)Reworked Battery Box with Inner Detail (Lid Open / Close
(13)Reworked Gun Travel Lock
(14)Reworked Gun Shield / Gun Mounting Linkage chain System
(15)Reworked Early / Late Type Tread Plate of the Turntable
(16)Reworked Early / Late Traverse Setting Hand Screws Added to
the Turntable
(17)Reworked Lid of Storage Box Inside the Gun Carriage
(18)Early Type 2cm Flak Magazine * 1 & Late Type 2cm Flak
Magazine * 1
(19)2cm Flak Magazine Container * 2
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