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US M19A1 Twin 40mm Gun Motor Carriage Korean War

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Listing Date Aug 2018
Item No BRO CB35148
Scale 1/35
Price USD 45.99
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Euro 40.48
British Pound 36.39
JP YEN 5,196.23
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Est. Shipping cost USD $14.24
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Euro 12.53
British Pound 11.27
JP YEN 1,608.37
Total Est. Cost USD $60.23
Other Currencies (reference only) 
Euro 53.00
British Pound 47.66
JP YEN 6,804.61

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Product Description

The M19 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage was based on the M24 Chaffee light tank built by
Cadillac and Massey-Harris. It was a light anti-aircraft tank mounting two 40mm Bofors
guns in an open top turret. The 40mm Bofors anti-aircraft gun was adopted by the US
Army after six British-built guns were trialed in 1941. It was by far the best anti-aircraft
gun in its class with a muzzle velocity of 881 m/s and an effective range of over 7,000
meters. The M19 mounted two weapons side by side with 352 rounds of ammunition.
It entered service in late-1944 and saw action in the ground role as an infantry support
weapon, were it was very effective. As the war ended production was cut to 285 vehicles
from the original order of 904 units. The M19 saw action again in the Korean War 1950-
53 in the ground role supporting infantry. A small number were exported to the Netherlands
army in 1951, and a few to the Japanese Ground Self Defense Force in 1954. The M24
fleet was replaced by the M41 Walker Bulldog light tank in the early 1950's. The M19 was
also withdrawn, but the turrets were removed and mounted on the M41 hull to produce the
M42 Duster of which 3,700 were eventually built. The M19 had a road speed of 56 km/h
and a range of 241 kilometers. In action the M19 was normally served by a crew of six
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