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1/35 Ukrainian T-84 MBT
USD 49.99

Ukrainian T-84 oplot-M
USD 49.99

Russian AT-S Tractor
USD 57.99

South African AFV Rooikat
USD 48.99

Soviet Air defense missile system 2K11 "Krug" / SA-4 "Ganef"
USD 76.99

Russian T-90MS MBT
USD 36.99

Russian T-80UM MBT
USD 42.99

Russian T-80UD MBT
USD 43.99

1/35 Russian T-14 Armata MBT
USD 32.99

Soviet 2A3 "Kondensator 2P" 406mm SPH
USD 62.99

1/35 Flakpanther w/8.8cm Flak 41
USD 54.99

Flakpanther w/8.8cm Flakrakete Rheintochter I
USD 20.99

Grille30 30.5cm(Grw) L/15 Mörser "Bär"
USD 30.99

Russian 2S14 Tank Destroyer
USD 34.99

Sd.Kfz.7/3 Half-Track Artillery Tractor
USD 38.99

Sd.Kfz.8 (DB9) Half-Track Artillery Tractor
USD 38.99

Pz.Kpfw.VI Ausf.E Sd.Kfz.181 Tiger I(Late Production)
USD 24.99

Pz.Kpfw.VIII Maus
USD 78.99

Jagdpanzer E-100
USD 29.99

E-100 (Krupp Turret)
USD 29.99

Russian KV-3 Heavy Tank
USD 33.99

2P16 Launcher with Missile of 2k6 Luna (FROG-5)
USD 68.99

1/35 Russian T-72A Mod1979 MBT
USD 38.99

Russian 5V28 of 5P72 Launcher SAM-5 "Gammon"
USD 57.99

Russian BMR-3 ARMOURED Mine-Clearing Vehicle
USD 45.99

Russian BREM-1 Armoured Recovery Vehicle
USD 54.99

Russian BREM-1M Armoured Recovery Vehicle
USD 54.99

T-72B1 w/kontakt-1 reactive armor
USD 38.99

Russian BMD-3 Airborne Fighting Vehicle
USD 35.99

Russian BMD-4 Airborne Fighting Vehicle
USD 35.99

2S23 Nona-SVK 120mm self-propelled mortar system
USD 34.99

Russian TOS-1 Multiple Rocket Launcher Mod.1989
USD 47.99

Russian KV-9 Heavy Tank
USD 26.99

Soviet SU-102 SPA
USD 34.99

Russian 1S91 SURN KUB Radar
USD 69.99

BMP-1 Basurmanin IFV
USD 26.99

1/35 Soviet BTR-152B1 APC
USD 43.99

BMD-4M Airborne Infantry Fighting Vehicle
USD 42.99

Russian T-80BVM MBT
USD 44.99

Su-100Y Self-Propelled Gun
USD 46.99

KV-1 1942 Simplified Turret Tank w/Tank Crew
USD 18.99

Obj. 172M T-72 "Ural"
USD 50.99

1/35 M1078 LMTV Standard Cargo Truck
USD 46.99

1/35 MAZ/KZKT-537L Ballast Tractor
USD 52.99

1/35 MAZ-537 Soviet 8x8 Tank Transporter, "Final Production"
USD 52.99

M1083 FMTV Standard Cargo Truck
USD 43.99

1/35 M1083 MTV(ARMOR CAB)
USD 43.99

USD 22.99

USD 49.99

Russian BM-21 Grad Late Version
USD 37.99

M915 Truck
USD 79.99

Russian GAZ-66 Light Truck
USD 45.99

1/35Russian GAZ-66 Oil Tanker
USD 45.99

Soviet (9P117M1) Launcher with R17 Rocket of 9K72 Missile.
USD 69.99

Soviet BM-30 Smerch Rocket Launcher
USD 60.99

M901 Launching Station & AN/MPQ 53 Radar set of MIM-104 Patr
USD 71.99

MPQ-53 C-Band Tracking Radar
USD 29.99

Ex-Soviet 2P19 Launcher w/R-17 Missile (SS-1C SCUD B)
USD 92.99

Luna-M w/9M21 Rocket
USD 79.99

Russian 9P140 TEL of 9K57 Uragan Multiple Launch Rocket
USD 79.99

Russian URAL-375D
USD 35.99

BM-21 Grad Multiple Rocket Launcher
USD 35.99

20ft Container
USD 14.99

40ft Container
USD 20.99

Combo M983 HEMTT & M901 Launching Station of MIM-104F
USD 83.99

US M901 Launching Station w/MIM-104F Patriot SAM System
USD 53.99

Russian 30N6E Flaplid Radar System
USD 92.99

M270/A1 Multiple Launch Rocket System - Finland/Netherlands
USD 72.99

M270/A1 Multiple Launch Rocket System - Norway
USD 70.99

M270A1 Multiple Launch Rocket System - US
USD 73.99

MAZ-7313 Truck
USD 62.99

Russian 9P78-1 TEL for 9K720 Iskander-M System (SS-26 Stone)
USD 99.99

Russian 3S60 launcher of 3K60 BAL/BAL-Elex Coastal Missile
USD 99.99

M1120 HEMTT Load Handing System (LHS)
USD 78.99

Terminal High Altitude Area Defense Interceptor
USD 93.99

M983A2 HEMTT Tractor with M870A1 Semi-Trailer
USD 69.99

MAZ7410 Tractor W/CHMZAP-5247G
USD 70.99

MRBM Pukguksong 5
USD 70.99

M983 Tractor with AN/TPY-2 X Band Radar
USD 70.99

Russian 72V6E4 Combat Vehicle of 96K6 Pantsir -S1 ADMGS
USD 55.99

M4 Command and Control Vehicle (C2V)
USD 48.99

MAZ-537G Late Production type with ChMZAP-9990 semi-t
USD 81.99

PHL-03 Multiple Launch Rocket System
USD 61.99

Russian URAL-4320
USD 42.99

Russian Zil-135
USD 45.99

3M54 Club-k in 40-feet variant
USD 46.99

M920 Tractor tow M870A1 Semi Trailer
USD 76.99

KET-T Recovery Vehicle based on the MAZ-537 Heavy Truck
USD 79.99

Mk.23 MTVR with Armor Protection Kit
USD 57.99



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