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Wooden stairs 32mm
USD 3.99

Wood barrel for wine or beer 26mm(h) x 21mm(dia.)4 pcs
USD 3.99

Shackles 10.5X6mm (4pcs)
USD 4.99

3,7cm Bordkanone (3,7cm Flak 18)
USD 10.09

British 7.7mm (0.303") with fire damper - 2pc
USD 7.99

British 14" L/45 (35.6 cm) Mark VII Barrel (10pcs)
USD 7.99

Richelieu, Jan Bart 380mm M-1935 Barrels (8pcs)
USD 6.69

Variag 152mm Barrel (12pcs)
USD 5.69

French 9 x 152mm M-1936/C1930 X9
USD 4.39

Kongo, Ise, Fuso Classes 14" (8pcs)
USD 5.99

USS universal naval gun 5"(127mm) (10pcs)
USD 4.59

41CM Naval Guns Nagato, Kaga, Amagi and Kii Classes (8pcs)
USD 5.99

360mm (14") L/45 X12 pcs (USS Arizona, USS Pennsylvania )
USD 8.99

British 381mm (15") L/42 Mk I X8 pcs
USD 5.99

Littorio Class 381mm (15)L/50 m.1934 X9 pcs
USD 6.79

152mm (6") L/55 1934/36 12 pcs For Littorio, Garibaldi Class
USD 4.99

90mm (3.5") L/50 1939 12 pcs for Littorio, Garibaldi Class
USD 4.99

305mm (12") L/45 mark 10, 10 pcs for Indefatigable Class
USD 6.99

7.5cm KwK 40 Barrel for Pz.IV F2(G)
USD 10.99

76.2mm ZIS-5 Barrel for KV-1 S, KV-S
USD 4.09

AUF1 155mm L/39 Barrel for Meng Model
USD 9.99

152mm L/30 XM-150 bzrrel for AFV LAV.150
USD 7.99

1/35 52,4mm L/29.6 ML-20SM barrel for Soviet Object 704 SPH
USD 4.69

100mm L/56 barrel for BS-3 field gun
USD 9.99

USD 4.59

20mm L/100 (MK 20 Rh 202) for Marder 1A2
USD 4.99

12.8cm L/61 Barrel for Sturer Emil
USD 10.99

17 cm Kanone 18 Barrel
USD 7.99

Barrel for AS-90
USD 13.99

152mm ML-20S Barrel for JSU-152
USD 10.99

2cm FlaK 38 L/50 Barrel
USD 4.89

45mm M-42, Pak 184 Barrel
USD 4.09

17cm Kanone Barrel for Geschutzwagon Tiger
USD 11.99

75mm M1897A4 M3 GMC halftrack
USD 6.99

90mm Barrel for Kanonenjagdpanzer
USD 10.99

95mm OQF L/23 Ammo
USD 6.99

21cm Ammunition for Morser 18
USD 6.99

76,2mm F-34 Barrel for T-34/76
USD 2.89

75mm M3 Barrel for M4 Sherman
USD 2.89

75mm StuK 37 Barrel for StuG III Ausf.A-F
USD 2.89

50mm KwK 39 Barrel for Pz.III Ausf.L, M, K
USD 2.89

85mm ZiZ-S-53 Barrel for T-34/85
USD 2.89

76,2mm F-32 Barrel for KW-1 model 1940-1941
USD 2.89

90mm M3 L/53 Barrel for M26 Pershing
USD 7.39

QF 2 pdr (40mm) Crusader Mk. I, II
USD 3.29

122mm Barrel M-30 for SU-122
USD 2.89

10.5 cm StuH 42 L/28 for StuG III
USD 7.69

1/48 5cm KwK39 L/60 for Puma Sd.Kfz.234/2
USD 4.69

7,5 cm KwK 40, StuK 40 Ammo
USD 8.99

7.5cm Pak 40 Ammo
USD 8.99

57mm OQF 6 pdr L/50 & L/36.5 Ammo
USD 7.99

356mm (14") /45 Barrels lse class( 10pcs)
USD 4.99

Litorio class main guns
USD 4.99

8.8cm PaK43/1 Barrel for Nashorn
USD 4.19

122mm Barrel for SU-122
USD 0.99

152.4mm L/27 D-1 howitzer model 1943
USD 4.49

7.5 cm PaK 97/38 Barrel
USD 4.49

100mm L/56 BS-3 Soviet field gun
USD 4.49

7.5cm Barrel for Jagdpanzer
USD 2.99



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