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USS Tresher (SSN-593) submarine
USD 69.99

USS Permit (SSN-594) submarine
USD 69.99

Yak-1 Soviet fighter on skis
USD 29.99

Messerschmitt Bf 109 C-3
USD 29.99

Yak-9 T Soviet WWII fighter
USD 29.99

Yak-9TD Soviet WWII fighter
USD 30.99

P-51H Mustang
USD 42.99

Ye-152A Soviet twin-engined interceptor
USD 32.99

I-75 Advanced soviet interceptor prototype
USD 30.99

Tupolev Tu-144 Supersonic airliner
USD 399.99

"Ye-152MHeavy interceptor protype"
USD 34.99

Yak-140 Prototype
USD 24.99

Ye-166 Heavy experimental interceptor
USD 34.99

Beriev Be-12 "Prototype" flying boat
USD 59.99

Ye-152-1 experimental supersonic interceptor
USD 34.99

Beriev Be-12P-200 Firefighting vers.
USD 62.99

I-320 R-3 All-weather interceptor prototype
USD 30.99

Su-17M3 "Early prod." advanced fighter
USD 36.99

Sukhoi Su-17M3 advanced fighter-bomber
USD 35.99

Sukhoi Su-17M3R Reconnaisance fighter-bomber with KKP pod
USD 36.99

T-10-10/11 Advanced Frontline Fighter Prototype
USD 37.99

Ilyushin IL-86 wide-body airliner
USD 429.99

Su-17UM3 advanced two-seat trainer
USD 36.99

Su-22UM3K advanced two-seat trainer (Export vers.)
USD 36.99

Mirage IIIB operational trainer (5 camo schemes)
USD 31.99

Mirage IIIC all-weather interceptor ( 6 camos)
USD 31.99

Mirage IIICJ (Izraeli A.F / Argentinian A.F.)
USD 31.99

Mirage IIIEA/EBR (6 camo schemes)
USD 31.99

Mirage IIIO interceptor (5 camo schemes)
USD 31.99

Mirage 2000C multirole jet fighter (6 camos)
USD 32.99



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