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T-34 Wheel Set
USD 14.99

JS-4 -10, b.268 Workable tracks set, complete plus extra
USD 25.99

T-50 Road wheels set (late version) For Hobby Boss kit
USD 11.99

T-64A Turret m1972 for Skif kit
USD 29.99

1/35 KV-1 KV-II KV-85 Drive Sprockets
USD 6.99

T-90 Road Wheels Set 24pcs (for Zvezda & Tamiya)
USD 20.99

T-34 Pressed Road Wheels w/perforated tires and have the rim
USD 19.99

T-72B Turret "Super Dolly Parton" includes resin parts, expl
USD 42.99

T-50 Turret Plus Gun Barrel (Metal) includes driver's hatch
USD 23.99

T-50 WWII Soviet light tank ,Turret (with additional armor)
USD 23.99

T-70 WWII Soviet light tank, Turret plus gun barrel(metal)
USD 22.99

T-34,Su-85 Spider web wheels with perforated tires 20pcs
USD 19.99

Conversion set for T-72A (Soviet version),T-72B (Early versi
USD 25.99

Modern Russian AFV ERA Bricks "Contact-3" Type -A, 100 pcs
USD 12.99

Modern Russian AFV ERA Bricks "Contact-3" Type -B, 50 pcs
USD 6.99

Wheel set ID-P284 for 6X6 Truck URAL-4320 (6pcs plus extra)
USD 25.99

Wheel set OI-25 "Omskshina" for 6X6 Truck URAL-4320
USD 24.99

BMP-3 Road Wheels set
USD 18.99

BMP-3 drive sprockets
USD 33.99

Wheel set OI-25 (soviet version) for 6X6 Truck URAL -375,432
USD 25.99

T-54A/ T-54B/ T-55 (early ) Road Wheels set, 20pcs
USD 22.99

T-62 Road Wheels set, 12 pcs with standard & 8 pcs reinforce
USD 22.99

T-55 (late) /T-62 Workable tracks set plus extra & drive sp
USD 33.99

BRDM-1 Road wheels set , 4pcs
USD 18.99

Modern Russian AFV ERA Block "Contact-5" for T-90
USD 15.99

New road wheels set T-90MS, BMPT, T-55AM Modern , 24pcs
USD 25.99

OPVT set for T-72, T-90
USD 6.99

T-72B3 m2012 Turret, includes PE parts
USD 37.99

T-72 Workable tracks set, drive sprockets
USD 34.99

T-72/ T-90 set of fuel tanks and Zip boxes for upper hull,
USD 18.99

T-72B4 /BMPT , Modern workable tracks set, complete plus
USD 25.99

T-72B2, T-72B4, BMPT Drive sprockets
USD 7.99

T-72B4 m2014 Turret, includes PE parts
USD 36.99

Wheel set VID-201 for 6X6 Truck KRAZ 6pcs plus extra
USD 28.99

Wheel set GaZ -M1 (highway version)
USD 13.99

BMP-2 Correct set, mask& gun, (barrel metal)
USD 22.99

Wheels set "Panther" for T-34
USD 18.99

Wheel set for SS23 Spider 9K714 OKA Tactical Ballistic
USD 29.99

Flat tyre for Soviet Truck Gaz-66 (2pcs)
USD 7.99

Turret for GaZ Tiger/Tiger-M (SOF) includes light machine
USD 14.99

T-54 Road Spider web wheels set, 20pcs
USD 22.99

Wheels set OI-25 (early) for 6X6 Truck URAL -375
USD 25.99

Wheel set "Kama" for 6X6 Truck Kamaz 4310 late (6pcs )
USD 25.99

Wheel set for MaZ-537 (8pcs)
USD 34.99

Fuel barrels 200 liters (2pcs) + PE Parts
USD 13.99

Kord 12,7mm Heavy machine gun on 6U16 turel for GaZ Tiger
USD 13.99

T-34/76 Steel road wheels set (early version)
USD 18.99

Trophy T-34/76 m1940 in Wehrmacht conversion set, gun barel
USD 44.99

T-34/SU Idler wheels without have the rim
USD 4.99

US light tank M3/M3A1/M5 (Stuart), welded road wheels set
USD 13.99

US light tank M5/M5A1/M8 HMC (Stuart) suspension set
USD 27.99

SU-100,SU-85/85M, T-34 Pressed road wheels set
USD 18.99

SU-100,SU-85/85M, T-34 Torsions set (late types)
USD 11.99

SU-100,SU-85/85M Driver hatch
USD 12.99

US medium tank M3 (Lee/Grant) welded road wheels set
USD 18.99

T-80 Drive Sprockets
USD 11.99



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