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Tarpaulin covering for T-54,T-55
USD 6.69

Trophy T-34/76 m1940 in Wehrmacht conversion set, gun barel
USD 44.99

T-34/SU Idler wheels without have the rim
USD 4.99

T-34/SU Idler wheels (early type)
USD 3.99

T-34 Towing hooks and towing devices (eight type)
USD 13.99

T-34 Driver's hatch (two types)
USD 13.99

RCWS (Remote Controlled Weapon Station) with 6P49 KORD 12.7m
USD 13.99

Jammer system RP-377VM1 + PE
USD 18.99

US light tank M3/M3A1/M5 (Stuart), welded road wheels set
USD 10.99

US light tank M3/M3A1/M5 (Stuart), welded road wheels set
USD 13.99

US light tank M3/M3A1/M5 (Stuart), pressed road wheels set
USD 10.99

US light tank M3/M3A1/M5 (Stuart) (early type) suspension
USD 29.99

US light tank M3A1 (late)/M3A3(Stuart) suspension set
USD 27.99

US light tank M5/M5A1/M8 HMC (Stuart) suspension set
USD 27.99

US light tank M5A1 (late)/M8 HMC (late) (Stuart) suspension
USD 29.99

Fuel barrels 200 liters for T-55AM/T-62/T-64/T-72/T-80/T-90
USD 10.99

SU-100,SU-85/85M, T-34 Pressed road wheels set
USD 15.99

SU-100,SU-85/85M, T-34 Torsions set (late types)
USD 10.99

SU-100,SU-85/85M Idler wheels & spindle
USD 10.99

SU-100,SU-85/85M Driver hatch
USD 12.99

US medium tank M3 (Lee/Grant) welded road wheels set
USD 18.99

US medium tank M3 (Lee/Grant) suspension set
USD 29.99

US medium tank M3 (Lee/Grant) armor protection
USD 18.99

T-80 Drive Sprockets
USD 9.29

T-80UK Conversion Set
USD 21.99

NBC protection system air filters
USD 10.99

4S24 soft case ERA forT-72B3,BMPT,T-90MS (12+12 pcs)
USD 18.99

JS-1/2 Drive Sprockets & Mud Scrapers
USD 7.99

IS-II/ IS-I Road Wheels
USD 15.99

T-34 Pressed Road Wheels w/perforated tires 20 pcs for Drago
USD 13.99

T-64BM "Bulat" Conversion set, includes PE part
USD 45.99

BMP-1/2 Road Wheels set 12 pcs.
USD 9.59

1/35 KV-1 KV-II KV-85 Drive Sprockets
USD 5.59

T-90 Road Wheels Set 24pcs (for Zvezda & Tamiya)
USD 17.99

Modern Russian AFV ERA Bricks "Contact-3" Type -A, 100 pcs
USD 12.99

Modern Russian AFV ERA Bricks "Contact-3" Type -B, 50 pcs
USD 7.99

Wheel set OI-25 "Omskshina" for 6X6 Truck URAL-4320
USD 24.99

DSK-m 12,7mm heavy machine gun + fastening and PE parts
USD 10.99

BRDM-1 Road wheels set , 4pcs
USD 17.99

OPVT set for T-72, T-90
USD 6.99

T-72 m1972 "Ural" Turret, includes PE Parts
USD 28.99

T-72/ T-90 set of fuel tanks and Zip boxes for upper hull,
USD 18.99

Wheel set VI-3 for 6X6 Truck KRAZ 6pcs plus extra
USD 27.99

Wheel set "Bellshina" for 6X6 Truck KRAZ -6322 UA 6pcs plu
USD 23.99

Sagged wheel set for GaZ Tiger-M (SOF) 4pcs plus extra
USD 21.99

Wheel set "Kama" for 6X6 Truck Kamaz 4310 late (6pcs )
USD 24.99

Wheel set "Omskshina" Soviet version for 6X6 Truck Kamaz 431
USD 24.99

Wheel set for MaZ-537 (8pcs)
USD 28.99

Grills for Kamaz (2 pcs+ filters for headlight + mask)
USD 7.99

Sagged wheel set Vi-203 (late) for 9A52-2 Smerch-M (8pcs)
USD 28.99

Set smoke barrels BDSha-5 +PE parts, for T-34/85 (late)/JS-2
USD 11.99

Sagged wheel set I-159 for MRLS (BM-27) "Uragan"
USD 35.99

Fuel barrels 200 liters (2pcs) + PE Parts
USD 13.99



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