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1/48 F-16I SUFA (STORM) with IDF Weapons

1/48 RQ-4B Global Hawk

1/48 MQ-9 Reaper

1/48 F/A-18A/C/D Aggressor VFC-12 & VFA-204



1/48 F-16A MLU Block 15

1/48 F-16A/B NSAWC Adversary

1/48 F-16DG/DJ Block 50 - USAF Viper 2-IN-1

1/48 F-16I SUFA

1/48 F-16F Block 60

1/48 IDF F-16D Barak (with 600 Gal fuel tank)

1/48 IDF F-16C Block 40 'Baraka'

1/48 US Navy E-2C Hawkeye

1/48 E-2C HAWKEYE J.A.S.D.F. 50th ANNIVERSARY (8 blades only

1/48 E-2C Hawkeye 2000

1/48 F-5B Freedom Fighter

1/48 EA-6B Prowler

1/48 A-6E Intruder

1/48 S-2F Tracker (S-2E / S-2G)

1/48 C-2A Greyhound

1/48 AMX Ground Attack Aircraft - Brazil & Italy

1/48 AMX-T/1B Two-seater Fighter

1/48 HAF F-16C 52+ W/ CFT

1/48 F/A-18A+/B / CF-188

F/A-18C US Navy, Swiss AirForce, Finnish AirForce.

1/48 Mirage 2000B/2000D/2000N

1/48 F/A-18D ATARS

1/48 A-6A/E Intruder Twin Engine Attack Aircraft

1/48 Royal Navy Sea Harrier FRS1

1/48 F-16A BLOCK 20 MLU TIGER MEET 2009

1/48 ROCAF MIRAGE 2000-5Di

1/48 T-45 Navy Trainer Jet

1/48 S-2A Tracker (S2F-1/CS2F-1)

1/48 Harrier T2/T2A/T2N/T4/T4N/T8 Two Seater Trainer

1/48 Sea Harrier FA2

1/48 Mirage 2000C Multi-role Combat Fighter

1/48 Alpha Jet A/E

1/48 EA-6B Prowler (New Wings) with a three-wheel tractor

1/48 ROCAF Mirage 2000-5Ei with Tow Tractor

1/48 Israeli Air Force Kfir C2/C7

1/48 Mirage IIIE/O/R/RD/EE/EA

1/48 Fouga CM.170 Magister (pack of 2 kits)

1/48 Mirage IIIEBR / IIIEA / IAI M5 Dagger South America

1/48 IAF KFIR C1 / USMC F-21A

1/48 Mirage IIIBE/D/DE/DS/D2Z

1/48 ROCAF F-16A/B 70th Anniversary Flying Tigers

1/48 Swiss Mirage IIIS/RS

1/48 Fouga CM.170R Magister Austrian Air Force

1/48 Super Etendard / Super Etendard Modernise

1/48 Su-33 Flanker D

1/48 M-346 Master Advanced Fighter Trainer

1/48 Alpha Jet Patrouille de France 2017 (pack of 2 kits)

1/48 J-15 Flying Shark

1/48 E-2C Hawkeye 2000 VAW-115 Liberty Bells Sayonara Atsugi

1/48 Turkish Air Force F-16C

1/48 CF-188A RCAF DEMO 2017

1/48 ROCAF MIRAGE 2000-5Di/5Ei

1/48 BLUE ANGELS 2017 F/A-18A/B/C/D

1/48 ROCAF S-2A/E/G Tracker

1/48 F-16C/D Block 52+ (Poland AF)

1/48 F-104G Starfighter ROCAF


1/48 F-104J JASDF

1/48 F-104G Luftwaffe Starfighter

1/48 F-16XL2 Experimental Fighter

1/48 F/A-18A/C/D Aggressor VFC-12 & VFA-204

1/48 F-104G RNLAF Starfighter Historical Fighters Volkel


1/35 RG-31 Mk5 US Army Mine-protected Armored Personnel Carr

1/72 F-16D Block 52+ (Hellenic AF / Polish AF)

1/32 CT-155 Hawk interior

1/32 Hawk 127 RAAF interior

F-16I SUFA color photo etched parts for Kinetic 1/48 kit

F-16D USAF color photo etched parts for Kinetic 1/48 kit

F-16D block 52+ color photo etched parts for Kinetic 1/48kit

F-16AM (NATO) color photo etched parts for kinetic 1/48 kit

E-2C Hawkeye Interior

E-2C Hawkeye Exterior

EA-6B seatbelts

Mirage 2000D color photo etched parts for Kinetic 1/48kit

S-2E interior color photo etched parts for Kinetic 1/48kit

Mirage 2000N color photo etched parts for Kinetic 1/48kit

C-2 Greyhound Photo etched parts for Kinetic 1/48kit

A-6E Photo etched parts for Kinetic 1/48kit

CF-5A/CF 116 Color photo etched parts for Kinetic 1/48kit

T-45A Color photo etched parts for Kinetic 1/48kit

FA.2 Sea Harrier Color photo etched parts for Kinetic 1/48 k

Kfir C2/C7 Color photo etched parts for Kinetic 1/48 kit



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