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1/72 Japan Air Self-Defense Force F-4EJ Kai Fighter
USD 40.99

1/72 U.S. Air Force Jet Fighter F-4E (Early) "Vietnam War"
USD 39.99

1/72 U.S. Navy Jet Fighter F-4J "USS Midway 1978"
USD 39.99

1/72 Kyushu Q1W1 "Lorna" Imperial Japanese Navy Anti-Submari
USD 24.99

1/72 Japan Air Self-Defense Force RF-4EJ Reconnaissance Airc
USD 38.99

1/72 US Air-to-Air Missile Set #2 ('60s-'70s)
USD 20.99

1/72 U.S. Aircraft Bomb Set ('60s -)
USD 20.99

U.S. Air Force Jet Fighter F-4C "Air National Guard"
USD 45.99

1/72 JASDF F-2A Fighter
USD 31.99

IJN Destroyer Akebono
USD 73.99

IJN Destroyer Sagiri
USD 67.99

Historical Costume Girl "Itsuka" w/Type 94 Tankette (Late)
USD 36.99

US Navy Bofors 40mm Autocannon Four Mount
USD 19.99

Type 96 25mm Triple Machine Gun w/ Gun Shield
USD 14.99

SSM Canister & SVT Tubes (for US Navy, JMSDF, etc.)
USD 12.99

Chaff & Decoy Launcher / Horizontal Reference Bar
USD 12.99

Life Ring & Fire Control Equipment Set
USD 12.99

IJN 12 cm/45 AA Gun & 8 cm/40 AA Gun
USD 13.99

1/72 U.S. Marine Corps Jet Fighter F-4J "Marines" (First Lim
USD 40.99

U.S. Air Force Jet Fighter F-4C "Wolf Pack 1967"
USD 36.99

1/72 JASDF F-2A Fighter "Veer Guardian 2023"
USD 36.99

1/72 JASDF F-2B Fighter "Veer Guardian 2023"
USD 36.99

1/72 JASDF Mitsubishi F-2A S/N 63-8501, Air Development & Te
USD 36.99

1/72 JASDF Mitsubishi F-2B S/N 63-8101, Air Development & Te
USD 36.99

Maritime Self-Defense Force Destroyers "Nano Dred Series" D
USD 44.99

IJN Yokosuka MXY7 Ohka
USD 24.99

IJN Ohka K1
USD 27.99

Imperial Japanese Army Reconnaissance Aircraft Ki-15-I 'Babs
USD 33.99

IJA Mitsubishi Ki-15-II `8th Flight Regiment`
USD 36.99

IJA Type 97 Improved Medium Tank New Turret Shinhoto Chi-Ha
USD 34.99

Imperial Japanese Army Main Battle Tank Type 97 Chi-Ha
USD 36.99

Imperial Japanese Army Medium Tank Type 5 Chi-Ri
USD 56.99

Japan Ground Self Defense Force Type 61 Upgraded
USD 46.99

IJA Type 95 Light Tank Ha-Go Early Malayan Campaign
USD 37.99

1/72 Kayaba "Ka-Go" Model 1
USD 18.99

Imperial Japanese Navy Carrier Fighter Nakajima A2N1-2 Type
USD 17.99

1/72 Imperial Japanese Army Type 3 fighter Kawasaki Ki-61-I
USD 36.99

1/72 Imperial Japanese Army Type3 Fighter Kawasaki Ki-61-I T
USD 36.99

1/72 Anti-Ballistic Missile SM-3 Includes 2 Missiles w/Bases
USD 14.99

1/72 Tomahawk RGM-109 Cruise Missile Includes 2 Missiles w/B
USD 14.99

1/72 U.S. Navy F-14A Tomcat
USD 40.99

1/72 U.S. Air-to-Air Missile Set
USD 18.99

1/72 U.S.Navy F-14A Tomcat "USS Independence, 1995"
USD 40.99

1/72 IJN Planned Interceptor Mitsubishi A7M2 'Reppu' Sam
USD 20.99

1/72 F-14A Tomcat "TopGun"
USD 45.99

IJN Type 95 Light Tank Ha-Go Late
USD 40.99

Girls und Panzer: Ribbon no Musha Type 94 Tankette Super Kai
USD 49.99



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