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1/48 F-14 Stencils & Data

1/48 F-14 " VF-111 Sumdowners Anthology"

1/48 F-4J "VX-4 Black Bunny"

Colors & Markings of US Navy Tomcat Part 3

1/48 F2H-2 "Colorful Sea Blue Banshees"

Su-9 Fishpot AL-7F Engine Nozzle set (for Trumpeter 1/48)

F-16 F1100-GE-129 Engine Nozze set (for Tamiya 1/72)

F-5E/F Tiger II Ejection seat set (for Italeri 1/72)

Kawasaki Ki61-I Hien Tei Pitot tube with MG151/20 Barrels

F4F Wildcat Part.3 - F4F-3 Wildcats in the Pacific Front

F4F Wildcat Part.4 - F4F-4 Wildcats in Operation Torch

1/48 USN F-18F VFA-102 Diamondbacks

1/72 USN F-18F VFA-102 Diamondbacks

1/144 USN F-18F VFA-102 Diamondbacks

Exhaust nozzles for SU-27/27UB/30MKK/J-11B 

Exhaust nozzles for SU-33

Exhaust nozzles for SU-35S

Mirage IIIRD 33-TG "90000h Mirage IIIR.RD" ER 3/33 Moselle

Tornado IDS 44+61 "40 Jahre Tornado" 2014

F-100 Super Sabre - Pitot Tube

A-1 Skyraider - 20mm cannon barrels with flash hiders

A-1 Skyraider - 20mm cannon barrels with flash hiders

Airbrush CAMO-MASK for 1/48 F/A-18 Aggressor Brown Camouflag

1/48 Russian Missiles Set(one piece slide moulding missiles)

1/48 U.S. Short-Range Air-To-Air Missiles

1/48 U.S. Long/Medium-Range Air-To-Air Missiles




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