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Modern IDF Tank Track 1 - Merkava 2 & Magach 6/7

Modern IDF Tank Track 2 - Reinforced Bata'sh Track

M48/60 Engine Deck Louvers set (for Dragon)

US in North Africa # 1. 1st Armored Division M4A1 Sherman.

US in North Africa # 2. 1st Armored Division M4 Sherman, M3

Battle of the Bulge. 6th Armored Division Shermans.

Befehlspanzer # 4. Bef.Pz. Panther Ausf D/A/G.

M1A1 / M1A2 Abrams T-158 "Big Foot" Workable Track Link Set

T-34 Wheels set. 1943-44 series

Mk IV Cement Free Workable Tracks

AVDS-1790 Engine & Compartment set II

JGSDF TYPE 10 MBT Basic PE set (for 1/48 Tamiya)

Soviet T-34 External stove w/ Engine deck slit set

1/35 T158 Tank Track links

T-34 Wheels Set. 1942-43 Series


1/35 Drinks Set (with hand trolley, crates & bottles)

Modern Light Weapon Set

Civilian ZS-55AM Conversion set (limited edition)

Merkava 4, 4LIC, 4M & Namer Battering ram

M2HB with M23 Gun Mount



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